Industrial Solvent Herbal Extraction Machine
  • Industrial Solvent Herbal Extraction Machine

Industrial Solvent Herbal Extraction Machine

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Industrial Solvent Herbal Extraction Machine

A complete technological solution for obtaining the distillation / extraction process for oil

- enabling the scaling of industrial plant extracts with the option of isolation and concentration: aqueous, aqueous solutions with organic solvents of active substances isolated from plant material, with particular reference to volatile substances separation
- essential oils from plants containing essential oils.

-Completed with automated process control, controlled by a digital control system from the control cabinet.



Pilot Plant / Laboratory Testing / Research Institute Applicable
Bulk Industrial Processing Line

Ethanol or Water Extraction

Normal or Negative Pressure

Low Temperature Immersion

Hot Reflux or Forced Circulation

Separation of Solvent and Aromatic Oil

Effective Diacolation

Organic Solvent Recovery and Recycling

Complete Assembly for Operation

PLC Control System for Safety Operation

GMP Standard

Steam or Electrical or Hot Oil Heating

Main process of control function

1. Solvent with dispensing: on-line testing solvent with the temperature and PH value, join purification water and  computer control of purification water inlet control valve, solvent discharging pump and discharging valve and toning lotion discharging pump.

2. Extract: on-line testing liquid level, temperature, pressure, steam pressure, flow rate of solvent, according to the setting rapid rise time and insulating temperature, computer automatically adjust heating steam. According to the setting computer automatically solvent control solvent inlet control valve, according to setting extracting automatically control extracting liquid discharging pump and discharging valve.

3. Double-effect or single-effect concentration: on-line testing liquid temperature of double-effect or single-effect, gas temperature, liquid level, vacuum degree, density, heating steam pressure feedingquantity. According to setting temperature and vacuum degree, computer automatically adjust the quantity of heating steam, according to liquid level, computer automatically control feeding flow rate according to density, computer automatically discharge concentrated liquid.

4. Alcohol-deposition:on-line testing temperature of ethanol alcohol tank and ethanol flow rate, according to setting temperature, computer automatically regulates the cooling/hot water flow rate of jacket. According to setting mixing speed to adjust motor speed, according to setting flow rate, computer control feeding speed and quantity of ethanol alcohol.

5. Column chromatography: on-line testing flow rate of purification water, acids or alkali, ethanol alcohol and material liquid, according to setting flow rate and feeding quantity, computer automatically control above parameter and cumulative amount, meantime control and test column liquid.

Technical Parameters:

Industrial Solvent Herbal Extraction Machine

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