GMP Standard Alcohol Precipitation Tank
  • GMP Standard Alcohol Precipitation Tank

GMP Standard Alcohol Precipitation Tank

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GMP Standard Alcohol Precipitation Tank

Equipment characteristics
The device includes the ellipse seal head with clip sleeve, taped-shaped base of cylinder, inner-installed three-paddle miller and special finelyregulated revolve-out liquid pipe,etc.
The mode for water-decocting and concentration as follow.

First fill the alcoho to form mixture,secondly under low temperature freeze to make deposition to separate the solid from the liquid to improve the purity and cleamess of the extraction liquid.
The machine is made of stainless steel of SUS304/SS316.The high pressure automatic spray & cleaning system is available.
It is available to fill the low temperature of cooling water through the jacket.The mechanical seal in the transmission part and the explosion-proof motor can ensure the security of the production process,meeting with the GMP standard.

The surface is treated with surface mirror polishing.

The equipement is suitable for alcchol sediment in Chinese mendicine,aoral liquid,foodstuff, health-protective products and chemical industry.
Alcohol sediment is developed from traditional technology,maily used for freeze Chinese medicine liquid geing fried and condensed or to operate warm alconhol sediment,also can be used to operate water sediment after Chinese herbs being extracted. 

GMP Standard Alcohol Precipitation Tank

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