Vegetable Processing Extractor
  • Vegetable Processing Extractor

Vegetable Processing Extractor

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Vegetable Processing Extractor


1.This equipment has excellent manufacture, complete collocation, simple operation. It is specially suitable for the small batch, multi-variety production.
2. Consist: Vacuum pump, liquor, filter, fluid bath, control box and other necessary accessory, The equipment divides into steam heating and electric heating. When purchased only connect with water, electricity or the steam can use.
3. It is suitable for water-extraction and alcohol-extraction. It can extract under normal pressure and negative pressure and recycle volatile oil. It equips with vacuum switch and control box, easy for operation. It can realize normal temperature extraction and low temperature concentration.
4. Electric heating structure is with advanced design, high efficiency, safety, homogeneous heating. On the pot has the security decompress to ensure the use security.
5. Realize circumfluence extraction, reduce extraction & concentration time, save solvent.
6. Oil-water separator is with unique design. The material is glass, it is easy for observation.

Diagram With Detail Structure and Configuration:
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Vegetable Processing Extractor

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Our manufacturing and service products: MVR series evaporator (mechanical vapor recompression evaporator technology), Stainless steel pressure vessel of complete sets of Chinese traditional medicine extraction & concentration, food additives, detergent and so on in foodstuff, chemical industry. We have more than 30 patents, more than 20 new products get through the provincial appraisal and a number of products are national Torch Program project and provincial high-tech product. Depend on our good manufacturing technology and perfect service system, won the trust of thousands of domestic users and more than 30 countries users.

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Vegetable Processing Extractor
Vegetable Processing Extractor
US $5,000.00 ~ 30,000.00
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